REVIEW by. Kak Nindy Y.S.

Fellaaaasss, We hope you have all had a wonderful day. We weren’t up to the pressure of publishing a news. So, We decided to write first 2022 post on the blog of Castuarine’s Website instead!  We have written about a recommendation hijab from one of influencer.  We like exploring and learning about different insights and cultures, And Castuarine and its stories have always fascinated us.

Yap, Nindy Yunia Sarah, a.k.a Kak Nindy . One of the Jogjakarta cosmetic entrepreneurs as well as an influencer with the latest 60K followers. Kak Nindy focuses on developing a beauty clinic as well as its products, NYS Beauty Official. Apart from being active in creating entertaining content, this mother of two is a smart, independent, and humble woman. One of the most important recommend this Castuarine too for other Fellas Castuarine..

What she said about Castuarine? “The material is comfortable, cool, easy to shape, the motif is cool, and the price is affordable.”

So? What are waiting for? Let’s get the purchase soon

Review from Kak Nindy YS.

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